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[ # ] The Toy Box is fun, You the Jury is not
April 7th, 2017 under ABC, Fox

Do you love Shark Tank, but wish they only did toys? That is what The Toy Box on ABC at 8p tonight is all about, but with a twist!

Each week, 5 inventors pitch their toys to 3 judges to see if they will advance to the next round. Those judges are Dylan Candy’s creator Dylan Lauren, toy critic Jim Silver and Pixar Animation Studios’ creative director of Consumer Products, Jen Yan. After looking at their inventions, they decide if they should move on the toy box or go home to play with their toy.

What is the toy box? The business people who have moved on, face their toughest critics. Four judges, who are children, and they know what makes a toy work and what doesn’t. They are Aalyrah Caldwell, Noah Ritter, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Toby Grey. They might be in school, but they mean business. They ask the masterminds questions and then play with the toys before they deliberate who moves on.

Each episode, one person advances to the final round. The winner of that round gets their product produced by Mattel Toys. Something that they have given up their homes and children’s education to do. It is crazy how far these people have gone to make their dream a reality.

Toys like a soccer ball that opens up into other balls, a doll that talks in 3 languages, a ballerina doll that you can pose like one, 2 different takes on pinatas and many more toys that make you feel like a child again. On that note, this fast paced competition show is hosted by Modern Family’s Eric Stonesteet who is forever a child.

Do you love court shows and wish you could be on the jury? With You the Jury that debuts on Fox tonight at 9p you get to do just that.

Each week a a plaintiff pleads their case and their lawyers will question them and the person they are suing. After both sides have presented their cases and all their evidence has been heard, it is time for closing arguments. Unlike a real trial, the people involved in the case give them. Then it is up for you to decide who wins and who loses.

It sounds like a great idea on paper, but the modern day set makes it all seem cold. It feels more like Who Want to Be A Millionaire than You The Jury. That and Judge Jeanine Pirro is awful as the host because she is stiffer than a gavel. Plus, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

My verdict is guilty as charged. It’s a good idea turned bad.



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