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October 3rd, 2016 under Fox, Lucifer, NBC

Tonight at 10p on NBC, Timeless one of the most anticipated shows of the fall debuts. The Sci-Fi drama ponders what would you do if you could change an iconic moment in history. They start off with the Hindenburg and next week the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. These are two events that happened a long time ago because unlike Quantum Leap they can’t travel within their lifetime. The reasoning is explained early on.
Now that you know that, let’s get to the show. There is a secret time machine that has been hidden from the Government, but now its existence will be known when Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic), a master criminal, steals it. He has gone back to New Jersey in 1937 to stop the Hidenburg from blowing up. the secret group has assembled three people to go back in time in the spare ship to stop him before he does his damage to time. Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) works for the company and he will pilot the ship. As an African-American he is not looking forward to the journey back in time. Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan, US Army Delta Force (Matt Lanter) is there to protect them. Then there is Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), who teaches history, as in she is a renowned expert is all things the past. She is there to preserve history. Which will be difficult for them when they have to decide whether or not to save someone like Abraham Lincoln.
Do you change the past knowing there will be consequences in the future? Believe me there are consequences. And that is why you will love this show. That and they really capture the look of the eras they go back to. Each week it is a new period piece.

An hour earlier but on Fox, Lucifer’s mom is back in his life and it is going to be Hell on Earth for him. His mom has jumped into Tricia Helfer’s body and that will make things very awkward for him. Which will make this quirky show about the Devil even more lovable. I want to say more, but it is sincerely something you have to enjoy for yourself because that is what Lucifer is all about!



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