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Lucifer sings his final song and what a song it is
September 9th, 2021 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Lucifer’s final days on Earth, aka the sixth and final season of the devilishly good show, are upon us now. Lucifer began his reign on Fox, and he is ending it on Netflix. The place that was much better suited for his R-Rated needs.

When we last left off with Lucifer (Tom Ellis), he beat his brother and became the Lord Almighty. That was then, now it is six weeks later, and he and Chloe (Lauren German) are enjoying some time off before he starts his new job as Gd. She is no longer a detective, and he is no longer a consultant. However, crime still finds its way to them.

Their magical evening at the Magic Castle turns into a deadly one when a magician is killed. Together, they will try to solve the crime, along with Ella (Aimee Garcia), who is happy to have her friends back, and Chloe’s replacement Carol (Scott Porter). Will working this case make Chloe change her mind?

While she is no longer working on the force, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is in the police academy. How does an Angel do working as a beat cop? How does he feel about his younger brother being Gd?

Then there is Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and Eve (Inbar Lavi). The two of them are enjoying being bounty hunters and lovers. There is only one problem for the couple. Now, that Lucifer is going up to Heaven, Maze has to go to Hell. How will Eve, the first woman, feel about that?

That is a lot for all of them to unpack. Thankfully, they have Linda (Rachael Harris) to guide them through all of the madness of heaven, hell, and everything in between. And there will be madness. Do you expect anything less from Lucifer?

Oh, and did I mention that a mysterious Angel appears, and she wants to kill Lucifer. Why is she out to get him, and why does no one know who she is? Is she going to be the thing that causes the show to end? I mean, we know this is the last season, so is she the series finale causing event?

Before we get there, Lucifer takes Chloe down to Hell to visit someone from their past. After we see Lucifer’s throne, we see them get animated. How will they handle being cartoons? You can tell by their voices; they had a lot of fun.

Before I get to the season finale, I will tell you you are going to need tissues because there will be tears. I am not going to tell you why but they will be there.

Now, the thing you want to know about. Is the ending satisfying to us fans? Very much so. It makes sense how they end the show, and you will be happy that they ended it the way it did.

While I am sad to see this show go, I am happy it went out the way it did. And I would be even happier if Netflix gave Maze a spinoff. She is so good at being bad! And I did not mention Eve because I don’t want to spoil their outcome, which could go either way.


Even the Devil is not protected from COVID-19
October 5th, 2020 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Ellis/Instagram

I am not talking about Donald Trump. I am talking about Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer Morningstar, aka the Devil.

The actor shared a photo of himself on the set of the Netflix supernatural police procedural. “This is what we have to wear at #lucifer to get back to work as safely as possible during this very real pandemic….and we get tested every day….and we have to social distance…and, as many people like to remind me I’m only an actor…” Ellis added, “Why would the president who’s in charge of everything not take the same if not more precautions?”

Because the antichrist thinks he is immortal, but he forgets he is half human.


Lucifer comes alive for season five
August 21st, 2020 under Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Remember when Fox canceled Lucifer, and Netflix saved it. Turns out, that is the best that ever happened to the devilishly good drama. Season four was good on the streaming service, but the first half of season five, that is streaming now, is even better.

When we last saw Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), he left Earth and went back to home to Hell to protect his nephew Charlie, who is half angel/half human. It has been thousands of years for him, and just a blink of an eye for all of the mortals in his life. Therefore, he has probably changed in all of that time for him.

That is why his twin brother, Michael, thinks it is a good time to get revenge on his brothers, Luci and Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). Michael, is going to try to ruin everything for Lucifer with the Detective (Lauren German), Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and Dan (Kevin Alejandro). He also messes with Amenadiel’s mind when it comes to Charlie. Will Michael succeed in taking them down?

This show is also a police procedural, and crime goes on. In episode three, the Detective has to look into a murder on a show that is based on her and Lucifer. Can you say awkward when the actors want to be just like her? Then, in episode four, they go back to 1946, and we meet Maze’s mom Lillith. In the next episode, the writers had a lot of fun when they poked fun of Katy Perry’s past of trying to buy a monastery in Los Angeles. From Pop music, they go to the world of DJ’s as the Detective has to protect her ex-boyfriend ( the one before Dan), who is a DJ. Someone is out to kill him but who?

All of this leads up to an OMG moment you don’t want to miss. It is even bigger than when the Detective saw Lucifer’s true face for the first time. On that note, someone else is going to see that face for the first time, and it is going to change things between them.

Meanwhile, Ella (Aimee Garcia) finds love, and Maze finds a way to copy her style and attitude. Imagine a happy Maze. It is even odder than you would think. Maze is still dealing with losing her Eve, Adam’s Eve; and Linda (Rachael Harris) is there for her. That is when Linda is not too busy taking care of her special son Charlie.

You can tell that they had lot of fun this season. Esepcially Ellis, who shows off his American accent. Everytime he talks in it, it makes me smile. Not as much as when he sings, but they make up for his lack of singing by giving us a full naked body shot.

Maze goes through a lot of changes this season, and that causes her to grow as a demon. So much so, I really hope Netflix gives her own spinoff, Maze the Bounty Hunter. You know because next season will be its last.

Why does it have to end? However, that is still many episodes away. Spend this weekend, a few others binging and re-binging Lucifer. If you don’t, then the Devil is going to get you.


BTWF: Aimee Garcia in Cadet Kelly
August 21st, 2020 under Before They Were Famous, Lucifer. [ Comments: none ]

Before Aimee Garcia was the most relaxed coroner on Lucifer, she was an uptight cadet in Cadet Kelly. She looks the same now as she did when she was 23 in that 2002 telemovie.


Need another reason to watch Lucifer?
June 22nd, 2020 under Lucifer. [ Comments: 1 ]

Lucifer was too hot for broadcast television, so Netflix resurrected it. So far, we have seen him be very good at being very bad for the fourth season of the hot show. Today, we got to find out when we will see more of him (Is there much more left of him for us to see?) for its fifth season.

The season that was promoted as its last one will begin streaming on August 21st. A perfect day because it will be as hot on the outside as it will be inside our homes watching Tom Ellis.

Seriously, if you have never seen the show that is so devilishly good, what are you waiting for? When Lucifer was on Fox, it was one of few shows I had to watch live as it aired. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next.

When it comes to its sixth season, if Ellis won’t sign on for it, then give Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) her own spinoff. Her character as a bounty hunter really deserves one.


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