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[ # ] CBS are the Crazy Ones about their comedies!
October 18th, 2013 under CBS, Fox, Tyra Banks

CBS announced today that they picked up The Crazy Ones, The Millers and Mom for a full season. I get why they are sticking with the funny The Millers and the hysterical The Crazy Ones, but I don’t get Mom.
I love Chuck Lorre and I have tried to like Mom, but the show sucks the life out of you. It is so unfunny and depressing, I can’t even muster up a chuckle when I watch it. I am not crapping you because I watched Monday’s episode with Octavia Spencer and I didn’t even feel the corner of my lips go up once. If I want to watch the story of 30-something, soon-to-be grandmother because her teen daughter is pregnant, recovering alcoholic, who can’t pay the bills, I would watch a documentary on it. But I don’t, I watch comedies to laugh not to feel sorry for the characters in it. So when Mom becomes, a comedy let me know and maybe I will reconsider. To be honest I foresee CBS losing a lot of viewers on Monday, November 11th in the 9p hour because that Chuck Lorre hour is not 1/2 punch. It is even a kid slap.
The network really messed up by not promoting We Are Men as the show it was, and not what they wanted it to be.

UPDATE: The CW has it is own news, they picked up America’s Next Top Model for another season. I want to know what pictures she has on the network executives because why else would they renew this show for another season???

UPDATE 2: Fox announced today that not only did they pick up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for the full season, but that the sitcom will air after the Super Bowl. Personally I don’t think it deserves the honor, but then again I also don’t get the show. I tried, but it just wasn’t for me. To be honest I think Dads is a lot more enjoyable than the Andy Samberg show.



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