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[ # ] Words of Wizdumb from Simon Cowell!
November 26th, 2012 under American Idol 9+, Simon Cowell, Words of Wizdumb

(photo from MyDaily)

Simon Cowell is known for his mouth, but that might be changing with some Words of Wizdumb he got on Thanksgiving. The King of Mean Tweeted, “I went to a thanksgiving party and someone told me to listen rather than talk. You have two ears and one mouth. Very good advice.” Does anyone really think he will actually be able to listen people as compared to critiquing them? I mean he never misses an opportunity to shoot his mouth off about anything and everything. Plus that is his bread and butter, what else does he have? A hairy chest? Moobs? His hair? Tight shirts? Nah, he will stick with what he does best, talking!



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