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[ # ] NBC force Anthony Anderson to cover his nipples with pasties!
October 18th, 2012 under Anthony Anderson, Conan O'Brien, NBC

We have heard that actresses like Teri Hatcher were forced to wear pasties on their shows because the network found their nipples to be distracting, but we never heard that was the case for any actors. That is until Anthony Anderson told Conan O’Brien that NBC ordered him to wear them because his nipples were poking through the T-Shirts he wears on Guys with Kids. I have watched every episode of the show and never once focused on his pokies, have they attracted your attention on the show that airs Wednesdays at 8:30p?
So if networks are now asking actors to wear pasties, what’s next will they be forced to wear cups so their pen!ses don’t show. I mean it is the only reason to watch Mad Men, you know to see if you can Jon Hamm’s ham!
As a woman I think we need to stop this atrocity now and tell the networks we want to see men’s nipples and their pen!ses. I am still pissed they re-shot the pilot for Three Rivers and took away chance for us to see the outline of Alex O’Loughlin’s Hawaii Five-0 that was more like eight if you know what I mean!



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