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[ # ] Did Simon Cowell diss Dancing with the Stars?
March 31st, 2010 under American Idol 9+, Dancing with the Stars, Simon Cowell

(starts at 5:55 in)

Yesterday after Did Benami butchered What Becomes of the Broken Hearted on American Idol, Simon seemed to compare her performance to the singers on a competing network’s reality show. The King of Mean said, “If you listen to one of those dancing shows, they have the singers,, you know, murdering a song on it…If you ever watch it. That’s what it kind of (sounds like.)” As Simon was being interrupted by Randy Jackson he had the biggest mischievous smile on his face, so he totally knew what he was doing and was waiting for the opportunity to use the comparison. So I wonder was he referring to Dancing with the Stars or could it be another show he was talking about? He probably isn’t referring to Randy Jackson’s show on MTV America’s Best Dance Crew because they use recorded tracks. So if it is DWTS, I think he was so right. Every Monday night I wonder what songs Harold Wheeler and the DWTS band will destroy and then every Tuesday night I wonder what songs the American Idol singers will destroy. It is like every Monday and Tuesday is like a line from the Don McLean song American Pie…”The day the music died.” Instead of the meaning behind McLean’s version of the deaths of three rock’n’roll legends in a plane crash, it is the music being killed off song by song by bad singers and horrible arrangements on both shows.
If I had to chose which show was worse then I think Dancing with the Stars is worse because they have never ever made a song better, some American Idol contestants have reworked a song to make it better than the original. Not that often, but there have been a few times that has happened.



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