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Conan O’Brien is The Rock’s body double
March 14th, 2018 under Conan O'Brien, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but when I think of The Rock, I think of Conan O’Brien. To me they are practically twins. So much so, I cannot tell them apart. Seems I am not the only one who thinks that way because the TBS host offered to be the action hero’s body/stunt double and he accepted.

Once DJ was ready to accept what he just did, it was time to train Conan. That meant for CB to be thrown over a table of glass and be beaten up by a gorilla like the one in Rampage that is out on April 13th.

How did he do? It is why they invented CGI. In other words, Conan needs to keep his night job. But it was solid effort.

When it comes to Dwayne Johnson, I have never been more afraid of him. It appears as that bad guy persona is not only when he is front of the camera and I never been more turned on by him!


The Rock’s daughter is the funny one in the family!
March 9th, 2018 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

For International Women’s Day, The Rock wanted to teach his 2-year-old daughter about girl power. Thus, he asked Jasmine to repeat those words and the name of the holiday.

When he tried to get her to repeat, “Daddy is the most handsome, brilliant, sexiest man alive,” the little beauty only responded with one word. That word was, “serious…ly.”

I feel for DJ because with those eyes and that attitude, she is going to be trouble in a good way! Jazzy is going to get away with everything. Since she does have him wrapped around her finger and that is never going to change. Good luck DJ.


The Rock fought the law and the law won?
March 8th, 2018 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock is a good guy who never seems like he can do anything bad, but looks like he did something really, really bad. That is because DJ was photographed behind bars, so what did our national treasure do? Did he commit a crime that will eventually become an anthology series? No, but it is part of a series. Dwayne Johnson’s show Ballers to be exact.

You know what? He actually looks good behind bars and orange is his color with his skin tone. What do you think?


The Rock proudly accepts his Razzie!
March 5th, 2018 under Razzies movies?, The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

While several celebrities brought home Oscar gold, The Rock brought home a different type of gold statuette this weekend. His movie Baywatch won a Razzie for So Rotten You Loved It. Instead of being all upset about it, DJ proudly accepted the honor just like Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and Jamie Dornan have before him.

Since he was not in Hollywood this weekend, he made an acceptance video. Giving us just another reason to love him and his bad movies. On that note, he will probably be nominated for another Razzie next year for Rampage. Sorry DJ, not trying to be mean.

When it comes to Baywatch, I don’t know if it was so rotten I loved it because I shut it off after 10 minutes. I just couldn’t do it. How does Zac Efron have a knack to star is some of the worst movies of the year, every year?

One last thing Dwayne Johnson, dog people might be cool, but cat people are even cooler!


The Rock, The Hulk or the Jolly Green Giant?
March 1st, 2018 under The Rock. [ Comments: none ]

The Rock shared a throwback photo from Halloween and he says he dressed up as The Hulk? But all I see is the Jolly Green Giant. Give him some corn and DJ could totally star as the commercial legend. Although, if he were to play Bruce Banner’s alter ego, he would not have to be CGIed like Mark Ruffalo.

BTW how did they find that much green paint in all of Florida to cover him up from head to toe? That is more pints than it would take to cover his house.


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