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Drew Barrymore and Ed Westwick faked it?
September 30th, 2008 under Drew Barrymore, Gossip Girl. [ Comments: 8 ]

(photo from Dlisted)
Spotted a week ago cougar Drew Barrymore sucking face with her latest cub Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick. Fast forward to a week later, the truth is out there and the two were playing it up for the cameras.

"Ed and Drew saw the cameras and said, 'Let's suck face,' but the other two are a little more serious. She wasn't just kidding with them."

"Drew wants a serious relationship," one friend told us. "And that ain't happening with boy toys straight off the playground."

See out what other cubs the NY Daily News says the 33 year old cougar was spotted kissing. But back to Drew and Ed, do you think were faking it? Guess time will tell.

Dylan back on tonight’s 90210
September 30th, 2008 under Beverly Hills 90210 / Melrose Place. [ Comments: 7 ]

Well maybe not Luke Perry, but the notion was there as Dylan calls Brenda on tonight’s 90210 on The CW at 8p. Plus we say goodbye to Shannen Doherty for the time being because even though she says she is not coming back, you know she loves being back in the spotlight too much not to come back.
Also please please please watch Privileged afterwards on The CW at 9p, it is the best new show of the season that not enough of you are watching.


Brtiney Spears does Z100!
September 30th, 2008 under Britney Spears. [ Comments: 3 ]

Holy crap! Britney Spears sounds so normal in her first live interview in over a year. Way to go Jamie Spears, you did a miracle with her!
BTW what a great get for Z100! Now I wonder who will get her first TV interview?


Charm School 2 looks so bad…
September 30th, 2008 under VH1/MTV. [ Comments: 1 ]

Charm School 2 looks so bad that is going to be great! Seriously the Rock of Love sluts make the Flavor of Love hos looks tame compared to them. I can’t wait to see just how bad they are when the show debuts on VH! on October 12th.


Craig Bierko is Easy to Assemble
September 29th, 2008 under Craig Bierko, Interviews. [ Comments: none ]

Illeana Douglas has created the brilliant webseries Easy To Assemble. In it she has quit her Hollywood acting job and is working at the Ikea in Burbank (my Ikea) and learning how Easy everything is To Assemble. Several of her friends including the hysterical and witty Craig Bierko appear in the webisodes, so when I saw his name attached I had to ask him about it. Afterall he did create the brilliant webisode Bathing with Bierko!!!

Seriously? OMG! WTF?: How did you get involved with Easy to Assemble?
Craig Bierko: I’m friends with Illeana and when she told me about the concept for the show I thought it was hilarious and surreal, a combo that always appeals to me. I also liked the idea of playing myself because I wasn’t always a fan of the guy who played me before.

SOW: Do you carry your Allen Wrench around with you at all times even when you are not working?
CB: I think they have a lot of nerve naming something that small and nonwrench-like anything but what it is – a little bent piece of metal. You can’t do that. You’re not allowed to just pick up a little bent piece of metal and claim “Allen Wrench.” That’s bullshit, man.

SOW: Do you shop at Ikea? Did you have some Swedish Meatballs when you shot the webisode?
CB: I must have bought something at Ikea at some point. Maybe a frame of some kind, or a pot. I really don’t like to put things together though, especially if I’m going to sit on it eventually. I’m not good at doing that stuff and it seems like a cost-efficient recipe for serious spinal cord injury. I missed the meatballs but the smell is never far away at Ikea.

SOW: Can you believe the success of Easy To Assemble? Did you hear picked up the webisodes?
CB: I didn’t know that until just now but I’m not surprised. Illeana emailed me a few days ago and told me some of the people who are planning to do – or have already shot – an episode. She’s worked with everyone and everyone loves her so that means it’s going to be really fun to see who pops up week after week.

SOW: What have you been up to? What are you working on?
CB: I’m about to shoot an episode of a show called “Head Case” which Ali Wentworth does for Starz. Once again, I’ll play myself – only this time I’m getting therapy from Ali, who plays a shrink to the stars. It’s all improvised which is good because that’s what I usually do anyway.

SOW: Taken baths with anyone famous recently and filmed it? Or not so famous?
CB: I gave my dog Boo a bath last night and she’s quite renowned in my apartment.

SOW: What happened with “To Be Or Not To Be”?
CB: Well, I’ll just say that it was a very difficult decision for me to leave the play. Everyone in the cast is so talented – as is the director Casey Nicholaw who is probably the single nicest, most enthusiastic, big-hearted person I’ve ever met. You stand next to him and you just start smiling. There should be a few of him on every block, the world would be a better place.

SOW: What will we next see you in?
CB: I’ve got a Vera Wang number that’s going to stun you to your socks.

I can’t wait to see Craig in that Vera Wang number, you know he is going to be so sexy in it! Seriously he always cracks me up! So I can’t wait to see what he does when he is on Head Case, a show that is so perfect for his comic timing!
On an Easy To Assemble note, the webseries is doing so well in its first two weeks alone that CBS has picked it up and the webisodes can be seen on
Thank you so much Craig Bierko for taking the time to answers my questions once again!


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