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Hot Links!
October 31st, 2007 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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Heroes: Origins dead?
October 31st, 2007 under Heroes. [ Comments: none ]

Variety is reporting that NBC pulled the plug on Heroes: Origins because of the possible Writer's strike. 

The side project for Heroes is dead like Claire for the time being. Meaning at this point it is like a piece of wood in her head, as long as it is in there she is dead, but pull out the stake and she is alive.

Heroes: Origins had names like Kevin Smith and Eli Roth attached to it but that was not enough for the NBC, who is having financial problems due to falling ratings, to save the the side project for now.

While NBC is not saying it is officially dead, but once they kill something it is more like Issac Mendez's death than Claire's. I am rooting it is more like Claire's death and NBC will pull the stake out soon.  


Guess who that cutie belongs to?
October 31st, 2007 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Want to see whose leg he is hiding behind then click here!


Lance Bass got married for free drinks
October 31st, 2007 under Lance Bass. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from Lance Bass' MySpace)
Lance Bass told E! News that he married his girlfriend of the time (back when he was in) for like 5 minutes in Vegas around the turn of the century. 

"People do stupid things in the heat of the moment. I've been in Vegas where I've gotten married for, like, five minutes," he said. "No one talks about that though."

"You know it was one of those crazy moments where you're with a friend and you're like 'Hey, wouldn't it be fun if we did this?' and that's all that happened. It's the Vegas thing to do."

"In fact, the only reason we did it is because we wanted to get free drinks all night. And we didn't get one. We're like, 'We just got married!' They're like, 'Ah. Whatever.'

He did not tell them the name of his ex-wife, who is still a friend of his or how they ended their marriage. I wonder if they consummated the marriage…oh wait that was probably how they got it annulled. 

You know I actually commend him for doing that, I would love to do something wild like. But with my luck, I would meet the one guy who would think the marriage was for real.


DWTS’s Jane Seymour is doing better
October 31st, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars, Jane Seymour. [ Comments: none ]

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This week on DWTS

Yesterday, when I went to work I was so convinced that I was going to be leaving the show that I had my bag packed. But I can't believe the unbelievable, extraordinary support from the fans and I am just so grateful. I've never been involved in anything remotely like this before and I've been having the best time of my life. I just want to tell everyone how grateful I am for letting me do at least another dance or two.

Last night I was bounding off to rehearsal, I couldn't wait to be doing the show and I was in a really good mood. I was just thinking about how much I've learned from the judges, how much I've learned from being in this competition, how grateful I am to have been able to go as far as I had. Then I got the most terrible stomach pains, stomach cramps. I tried everything to get better. I took all the over the counter things. I had very bad attack of food poisoning. I hated the fact something dramatic was happening and I hated the fact I couldn't be on the show, but I literally couldn't even sit up or stand up or do anything. Last night has been pretty tough. I've had an enormous amount of pain, but it seems to have subsided now, so clearly it was an isolated incidence of food poisoning and everyone's told me I am fine and nothing to worry about.

I am, as everyone was, completely stunned that Sabrina was voted off. I consider her to be an extraordinary dancer, a really lovely girl. I looked to her to learn about dance, to learn about so many things. But when I saw the way she handled her elimination, I realized that this is a young woman with extraordinary maturity, extraordinary poise. She handled the situation better than anyone I can ever imagine. My heart goes out to her, what I do know for sure, in my heart, is that she is going to become a huge star and have a major fan base for the rest of her life because she is a very special young lady.

Glad she is doing better! Let's see if she will be able to do two dances on Dancing with the Stars next week. 

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