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[ # ] Remember Beverly D’Angelo?
December 8th, 2010 under Remember?

Beverly D’Angelo came out to the premiere of Carrie Fisher’s documentary Wishful Drinking and she looks f*cking fantastic. I don’t know what the 59 year old actress has been doing but she needs to keep doing it because I think she found the Fountain of Youth. Seriously doesn’t she look younger now than when she did the National Lampoon Vacation movies?


  • janie

    She is a regular on Entourage these days. A few years ago she had twins with Pacino and I believe went through a nasty custody battle also.

  • Sparky

    She doesn’t even look like the same person. 🙁 Way too much plastic surgery. She looks like a broken down Julie Benz.

  • Mila

    I agree with Sparky. She definitely doesn’t look fantastic, in my opinion, due to way too much plastic surgery… I can hardly recognize her as the mom from the “Vacation” movies. 🙁

    I will say that she looks particularly good in these photos, though. But on “Entourage” she looks TERRRRRIBLE. Very man-like & her face is pulled way too tight.

  • CC

    You’re right, Sparky, there’s a plastic look about her but I’m thinking its more along the lines of collagen injections (cheeks, lips), lots of botox (no wrinkles and really shiny skin) and veneers on her teeth; remember how weird Hillary Duff looked when she got her veneers?

    Anyway, Beverly D’Angelo doesn’t look pulled like plastic surgery or your standard face lift can do…however, she may have had cheek implants and that is considered plastic surgery, right?? I just don’t think she’s done the face lift or eyebrow lift, yet. Maybe she’s doing everything else before going under the knife…

  • CC

    BTW: She’s still hot for any age but especially being 59!!

  • Barbara Carl

    Actually she looks better now than she did a few years ago. I remember her being on “Law and Order SUV” and, aside from her voice, it was really hard to figure out who she was. She was both bloated AND plastic looking. At least now she just looks plastic. All that said, she looks pretty good in these pictures.

  • Anonymous

    You all are waaaay to critical. at 59 she is looking FAN-TASTIC!

  • EnigmaBB

    @Barbara Carl – That “bloat” was a pregnancy. Twins.

  • She had jaw surgery.

  • If I had the money Beverly has I wouldn’t age either..

  • dj

    She looks so bad! She is on this movie and her face doesnt move! lol People stop getting work done on your faces! WTF

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