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Sting couldn’t save his sinking Last Ship
January 6th, 2015 under The Police. [ Comments: none ]

Sting tried his hands at Broadway with The Last Ship, and all the musical he composed saw was rough seas. They seemed to hit calmer waters when the Police man took over as Captain in December, but the ocean was still shark infested. So come January 24th, the curtain will come down on the show less than three months after it went up.
Proving that Sting should stick to singing because his acting has never done him any good. See Brimestone and Treacle. Actually don’t, I am still scarred from his sex scene in the film with a woman, who suffered a major brain injury, after all of these years.


Sting sings Every Breath You Take like you’ve never heard it before!
December 17th, 2014 under The Police. [ Comments: none ]

Sting attended Don’t Quit Your Night Job in NYC the other night and he sang a version of Every Breath You Take that was specially made for the show. They have a part of the live late night variety show that is called Musical Madlibs, where the audience submits words to fill in the blanks. This time it was The Police’s biggest hit and Gordon Sumners added their words to his infamous lyrics. What we got is a much better version of the overplayed ballad. So sit back and hear the best selling song of 1983 sung like it has never been sung before and will never be sung like that again. Which is shame because I love it so much more, but then again I always hated that song.
BTW it is nice to see Sting humbled enough to finally make fun of himself. I guess having a failed Broadway show can do that to a man who will do anything (including star in it) to make it a hit.


Susan Boyle and the man she had Puppy Love for!
August 19th, 2012 under The Police. [ Comments: 2 ]

Susan Boyle got a surprise yesterday when Donny Osmond was at the same studio as her. Boyle has admitted that she had a crush on him when she was younger, so I guess that is why she looks so happy in the photo he posted of the two of them on Twitter. Even though the two have met before, they still look as thought it was the first time their eyes saw each other. So cute!


Trudy Styler blames Bob Geldof for Sting’s longevity in bed!
December 30th, 2011 under Bob Geldof, The Police. [ Comments: none ]

One of the things that Sting is known for his 5 hour tantric sex romps with his wife Trudy Styler and now she is talking about how that erotic tale got started. Here is what she told Daily Mail:

“Do you know who I blame for that? Bob Geldof. Him and Sting had gone to do an interview with a rock journalist, and the interview turned into a drinking session.
At one point, the journalist asked how long they could go for, and Geldof said he was a three-minute man, but, as Sting did yoga, he could probably go for hours. And Sting said ‘Well, haven’t you heard of tantric sex?’
So Sting explained that it is all about being intimate, about caring for your partner, really engaging in intimacy before you, you know… have sex. And that’s the premise of tantra, really. It’s simply engagement with your partner.”

Wait forget that Sting doesn’t actually go hours in bed as he claims, the Boomtown Rats singer can only go for three minutes. Actually I always pictured him being a quickie, and to be honest I picture The Police singer going for even less than that.


Sting made me throw up in my mouth
January 13th, 2011 under The Police. [ Comments: 1 ]

I don’t know why this grossed me out because Sting has always been open about his sex life with his wife Trudie Styler, but it did. Maybe because who wants to picture two people in their late 50’s going at it. In fact as Sting told Harper’s Bazaar it is more than just going at it he said, “Being apart juices the relationship. When we see each other, it’s romance. I don’t think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There’s a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up.” What is theater sex? Or do I not want to know because then I will have that image of them doing it that way. So gross.
How gross do I find it, it took me all day to feel strong enough to post this.


Caption Ricky Martin and Sting!
May 30th, 2010 under Caption the Celeb, The Police. [ Comments: 1 ]

This picture that Ricky Martin Tweeted of Sting and him has Caption Me written all over it, so go ahead and do it!

Winner of the last Caption The Celeb:

cubbie wrote for Caption The Model!…”The new Qbert line up has finally hit the runway.”


Sting is so pretty!
May 16th, 2010 under The Police. [ Comments: none ]

For some reason Sting decided to show his feminine side at The Almay Concert To Celebrate The Rainforest Fund’s 21st Birthday and you know what he makes a pretty woman. Back when Sting was a younger man playing with The Police, I thought he was a handsome man. But as he got older, he lost his looks to me. That was until I saw him dressed as a woman from the neck up because it actually makes him look nicer and not as haggard.


Sting loses the beard
April 7th, 2010 under The Police. [ Comments: none ]

Sting finally lost the beard, no not Trudie Styler but that Grizzly Adams look he was going for. Smart move on his part because he looked like crap with it. It is also good to see he went back to his natural hair color and stopped dying his hair dark brown. Although now that he is back to his real hair color, you can see how little he has left.


Sting’s new look
January 11th, 2009 under The Police. [ Comments: 6 ]

Sting is showing off his new darker look and I don't like it. He kind of looks like a mix of Christian Slater, Bono and Jack Nicholson all rolled into one. I want the blonde Sting back because this new dye job is not working for me. Is he going through a mid-life crisis with that hair and that mesh shirt? Sting you are way too old at 57 for a shirt like that. And same goes for his wife Trudie Styler, (who just turned 55) she is also too old to wear a skirt that short.

Sting made me throw up in my mouth a lot
December 30th, 2007 under The Police. [ Comments: 1 ]

There are certain things Sting and Trudie need to do in private and sucking on her toes is number one on that list. Going shirtless is two. 

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