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[ # ] Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist takes on race issues tonight
February 9th, 2021 under Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Last week when Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist ended, Simon (John Clarence Stewart) revealed that his employer, SPRQ Point, has a problem dealing with its minority workers during a press conference. Tonight at 8p on NBC, they deal with the fallout from his words.

Simon is prepared to be fired, but they have not made a decision on his future employment. Zoey (Jane Levy) feels bad that she did not know that this was going on, so she decides to hold a town hall with her programmers. It goes really badly. Even the employees are clueless.

The one group of people that know what they want to be done is the Board of Directors. They tell Danny (Noah Weisberg) that Simon has to retract what he said. Even though Danny is the big boss, he tells Zoey to tell Simon to do it.

She goes to Mo (Alex Newell) for help, and Mo has a surprising response to her friend. Mo knows what Simon is going through because Mo is also African-American.

When Zoey gets back to the office, she has to confront Simon. How will he handle what she asks him to do?

Zoey is at a loss; she doesn’t know what to do. Simon has made his decision, what is he going to do?

Can anything be done to change racial inequality at work? Lessons will be learned, but will they be too late.

Zoey’s did an intriguing take on this topic. It is not easy to tackle this issue in an hour, but they handled it brilliantly.

Not only did the show do a great job, so did Stewart, who gave his best performance to date. Be prepared to be blown away by his heartfelt performance tonight.


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