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April 6th, 2021 under The Rock

Tonight at 8p on NBC, Old Rock, who is running for President of the United States, is dealing with the repercussions of choosing his VP (Rosario Dawson) on Young Rock. He tells Randall Park he is always loyal to his partners in crime, and he started doing that during his days at the University of Miami.

Since his grades are down, the coach tells him he has to get an on-campus job if he wants to stay at UM. He gets a job checking the emergency phones on campus to make sure they all work.

His co-worker becomes his partner-in-crime. That is because Hopkins tells him they can spend the day watching action movies instead of working. Side note, DJ, says he is a fan of Sylvester Stallone to his friend. What neither of them mentioned is that Sly went to UM for a little while before he got kicked out.

Back to the show, one of the reasons why they are able to goof is because no one checks on their work. That is until now. There is a woman who is going to check all of the phones to make sure they work. If they don’t, then he will get kicked out of school like Stallone.

Therefore, he and Hopkins go on a mad dash to check all of the phones before she does. Can they do it?

You might ask, why do I know that factoid Stallone. That is because I went to UM with DJ. Therefore, I have a lot of problems with tonight’s episode because it is full of a lot of inaccuracies. Now, you won’t know that because you didn’t go to school with us. But I don’t know why DJ allowed it to be done this way. Things that are so simple to check and ask. They mention things that did not exist on our campus, like a quad. I mean, they did do a good job of finding a school in Australia that kind of looks like our college, but it wasn’t. And I get that. But I don’t get why they made such simple errors. But I am too close to the story.

Now, I have been close to other stories that have been adapted to a screen. For example, The Newsroom gave me flashbacks to my days at CNN, and it was traumatizing. Reliving a scandal that haunted the network was not easy. Aaron Sorkin did not work at CNN (I am so grateful he did not include our meeting at the news network on the show), but he did a better job with accuracy than DJ is doing with his show.

There I said it. I am sorry, DJ, I support you, but I cannot support this episode.

Has anyone else experienced this with a production that is based on a period of your life that you lived? Tell me how I can let it go.



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