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June 20th, 2018 under Young and Hungry

Freeform decided that the second part of Young & Hungry’s fifth season will be its last and I am not happy. Tonight at 8p, two of their final episodes will air and you do not want to miss them. This is a time when we all need to laugh, and this hour will make you laugh for 60 minutes. I would say straight, but they do have to air commercials.

Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) and Gabi (Emily Osment) are back in San Fransisco and they are adjusting to being boyfriend and girlfriend. They are not the only ones, so are Yolanda (Kym Whitley) and Elliott (Rex Lee). When the new couple finds that out, they decide it is better that he stays are her apartment until they adjust. But will he adjust when he realizes what slobs Gabi and Sofia (Aimee Carrero) are? He will do something that will get him in hot water with everyone but Sofia. She is using the hot water for something else, the new showerhead he got the roommates.

Now that leads us to the next half hour. Gabi and Josh are back at his penthouse and Sofia is with them too. Something Josh would like less of. Therefore, he sets her up with a great guy (Carrero’s real-life husband Tim Rock) to get her out of his house. The problem is that Gabi intervenes and you know what happens next. Oh, and did I mention Yolanda takes Bourdier photos of Elliott for his husband? What can go right about this? You guessed it, nothing!

These are just tonight’s episodes. What happens in the next with have you ROTFLYAO. Let’s just say someone is going to get a full body wax. Someone famous moves into the building, and Yolanda and Elliot go after him. And Gabi will be Gabi!

While I am so sad this show is ending, I am glad it is going out with a bang. And I am not talking about all the banging Josh and Gabi are doing!

Seriously, if you need a laugh, then don’t miss Young & Hungry’s final episodes!


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