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[ # ] You will eat up Croc like he gobbles up his victims
October 4th, 2022 under Movies

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of creature features that take forever to get to the kill. Croc is not one of those movies. It starts off with a double meal for the killer crocodile as a preview of his appetite; then, it gives him a little time to build up his hunger before it lets him kill until the credits roll.

Lisa King (Sian Altman) has picked the perfect remote spot for her wedding, and she can’t wait to say I do. What could go wrong? So, so, so, much can and will go wrong.

Unbeknownst to her, her groom-to-be, Charlie (George Nettleton), has been having an affair with one of her bridesmaids. The two of them go off to have one more fling before the wedding, and that is when we first see the Croc at this party. He eats the girl, and Charlie gets away.

He decides to tell no one but Lisa’s dad, Dylan (Mark Haldor), about what happened. When Dylan goes to investigate the scene, the croc takes a bite out of his leg, and he can’t warn anyone. He can’t even call the police because they can’t get a signal.

Finally, it is time for the wedding. Everything is going as planned as the priest reads their vows. But then, the croc comes for his supper and eats the photographer. Once he gets a taste of the guests, he is not going to stop until he devours everyone who was invited to Lisa’s special day.

Is there any way to stop the murderous creature? I am sure there is, but I am enjoying his killing spree. It is not that I wanted them to die, which is rare in horror movies these days, but I was enjoying watching him kill everyone in his path. Especially since they did an excellent job making the sea monster look so real with the CGI.

That is what creature features are all about, the killings, not the plot. And he does a lot of killing! So, writer/director Paul W. Franklin gives us just what we and the croc crave, plenty of blood.

The film that is distributed from Uncork’d Entertainment is available on DVD and Digital today. Get it before it gets you…


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