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February 22nd, 2021 under Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams was on The Covino & Rich Show last week. Steve Covino asked her what are dating musts from a man.

The first thing she wants to know is, is does her have kids. If he does, then she wants to know how many, how old, and how many baby mamas or ex-wives. She also wants to know if he has been to prison and what for.

Then by the third date, she wants to know if he makes the cut because he got the cut when he was a baby. “I just happen to be offended by the different germs and smell that could potentially be there.” The talk show host said. “You can’t have last minute, you know, quickies.”

Williams says she doesn’t want to find out after she has already fallen for him that he is not circumcised. She guesstimates that it is after three months of dating. Hats off to her for waiting that long to see his penis. I know by the first or the second date if he has foreskin or not. How long does it take you to know if he got the Ishmael?

Does it make a difference to you if he has been circumcised or not? I agree with Williams on this one. I like my man without any extra skin. Sorry guys. It just tastes and feels better.


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