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[ # ] You are going to kvell over tonight’s Ghosts
February 9th, 2023 under Ghosts

Tonight at 8:30p on CBS, Trevor (Asher Grodman) gets some sad news on Ghosts. While Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) is out fishing with some guests from the Woodstone Manor B&B, one of them catches his skull.

Actually, Trevor is not that broken up about that, especially after his parents (Chip Zein and Laraine Newman) come to the last place where their son was alive at before he died.

However, this is where the sad news kicks in. Trevor finds out his parents got divorced, and he thinks his death is why it happened. So he asks Jay and Sam (Rose McIver) to get his parents back together. Therefore, they decided to throw him a memorial service, and Tara Reid, his celebrity crush, shows up to pay her respect. What does she say about the man that she spent some time with when he was alive?

Oh wait, you want to know if his parents get back together? I am not going to tell you that. I am just going to say to you I haven’t stopped speaking Yiddish since I watched this meshugana episode. Oy! It’s like the perfect schmear of cream cheese on a NY bagel! Plus, Grodman gives a performance that will give any bubbie naches!


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