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[ # ] You are going to eat up The Dinner Party!
June 9th, 2020 under Movies

You are cordially invited on June 9th to watch The Dinner Party on Home Video, and you don’t want to be late for this movie.

Jeffrey Duncan (Mike Mayhall), and his wife, Haley (Alli Hart), are invited to a dinner party with the elite guests of renowned surgeon and culinary enthusiast, Carmine Braun (Bill Sage). If all goes well, then Duncan’s screenplay could go to Broadway. It would be a dream come true for him. That is if he lives through the night. This dinner party has the guests on the menu.

Braun and his friends, Sebastian (Sawandi Wilson), Carmine (Bill Sage), Sadie (Lindsay Anne Williams), Agatha (Kamille McCuin), and Vincent (Doleac) have plans for the couple. What they don’t know about the husband and wife could kill them before they kill the spouses.

Who will kill who and what’s for dessert? You are will to have to watch this horror movie written and directed by Miles Doleac. Just when you think that horror movies cannot be original, one comes along and reminds you that there are still new things they can do to surprise and scare us.

The Dinner Party pretty much takes place in one location. You would think that would make the cast comfortable in their setting and start to get bored. However, they deliver the perfect amount of peculiarness with suspense. Just when you think you know everything about their characters, they find a way to trick us.

Depending on how strong your stomach is, you might not want to eat before you watch a movie about people eating…each other.


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