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[ # ] WTFrack Dallas is back tonight with the Private Lives of Nashville Wives!
February 24th, 2014 under Dallas, TNT/TBS/TCM

Tonight at 9p on TNT, Dallas is back for a third season and you don’t want to miss a single second of this nighttime drama.
The episode picks up 12 hours after the season finale and it is just as exciting as where it left off. John Ross (Josh Henderson) is still married to Pamela (Julie Gonzalo). Not only is getting used to married life, he is adjusting to being back at Southfork, which means he wants to add his own touch to the family estate. Something Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) objects to, but not as much as he objects to John Ross wanting to dig for oil there. As much as Bobby is against it, will he finally give in?
Then there is Elena (Jordana Brewster) and she is set on getting revenge on The Ewings. You’ll never believe who she is teaming up with to do this. Can she really turn against her second family or will she forgive them?
Then there is Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) and he also wants revenge on The Ewings for setting him up for JR’s murder. What does he have up his sleeve? You will just have to tune in and you know you want to…

Then at 10p we go from the soapy life in Dallas to the real life drama of the Private Lives of Nashville Wives. The show follows 6 women who live in the home of Country Music who are all at different stages of their lives and yet they still have time to be friends.
Jenny, is a VP of an internet company, and even though she lives there with her husband and son, she doesn’t work there. Something that both works and doesn’t work for her.
Then there is Erika, who has been on One Life to Live, and has been a stay at home mom since she married singer Bryan White. Now that the kids are getting older, she wants to get back in to acting.
Sarah is married to Dallas Davidson, a man who has written several #1 songs including Trace Adkins, Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. While her husband is behind the mic, she is in front of it. She is just starting out as a singer and she is hoping to make it Nashville.
There are also twins, Betty and Ana, who are Miami Cubans, and you’d think they grew up in the South because they are such Belles.
Finally there is Cassie, who went from working at Hooters to be being married to Christian music legend, George Chapman. Although everyone thinks the much younger woman married him for his money, you will see that is far from true.
On tonight’s episode and in the upcoming weeks, you will see these woman have a girls night out, one of them adopt a baby, another one will get divorced and they will have several fights, but most of all you will see them being friends through it all.
While I have never seen any of those Real Housewives shows, after 4 episodes I am completely addicted to this show. I love that they aren’t that mean to each other and that they are real. Not faking bitchy for the camera like other shows that will remain nameless.


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