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[ # ] WTF Tucker Carlson is a hosting a game show?
April 12th, 2007 under Game Shows

OK! I have to admit after he was on Dancing with the Stars, I have a whole new appreciation for him. So when I read that he was hosting a game a show I had to read about it. TV Week is saying that he will be hosting a show on CBS called "Who Do You Trust?" Since I don't fully grasp what it is about here is how they described it, "In the project, strangers wager how much they trust each other as they develop a relationship via gameplay. The concept is loosely based on the classic game-theory experiment "prisoner's dilemma," where players weigh cooperation vs. betrayal for differing levels of reward and punishment."
Right now it is in the pilot stage, but I hoped it gets picke up because I think he might actually make a good game show host. 

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