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[ # ] Would you pee into a golf club?
December 22nd, 2020 under Odd

Back when I was an intern, we worked on a celebrity golf show. It was my job to log the video. I started laughing uncontrollably when I saw one of the golfers (one of my teen idols) peeing into a hedge. That is when my bosses explained to me that it was part of the game because it takes too long to get to a bathroom and back.

Not all men want their dick on a bush. Sorry, my mind went somewhere else. Back to the story. A urologist came up with UroClub. It is a stick that looks like a golf club, but really it is a portable urinal. Men stick their golf clubs into the hole in one and answer nature’s call. This way, none of their buddies have any idea what they are doing behind that green towel.

I just hope he screws the lid on tightly. If not, then the caddy will be screwed and wet.

Is just me, or does that hole seem a little narrow for some men? I guess it is not one size fits all.

Oh, and since I believe that I shouldn’t suffer alone. Just imagine Donald Trump using that on the fairway? Hey, I pictured it, and now I am sharing that image with you.

As a compromise, I let you know about the pee-rfect gift for all the golfers in your life. Even if they don’t like it, for $25, it is the pee-rfct gag gift.

xoxo Chad Lowe and Rex Chapman


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