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[ # ] Will Suits get Samantha back?
August 21st, 2019 under Suits

Last week when Suits ended, Faye (Denise Crosby) fired Samantha (Katherine Heigl). Tonight at 9p on USA Network, the named partners are going to try to get her back.

The episode starts off with Faye calling Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and telling her to get the partners not to try to get Samantha back. If they do, then the firm will be lucky to last a year. Do you think Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) are going to listen to her warning? Nope. They will find something on Faye that will destroy her. Will they go through with it?

Meanwhile, Samantha is working her angles. She is determined to get her job back. How far will she go and who will she go to for help? She will have help from a friend, but is that friend enough? Will they tell her to move on? After all, it is the final season, so it is OK if she departs early and we focus on the originals.

Talking about another non-original, Katrina (Amanda Schull) has a case up against Brian (Jake Epstein). How will she react when she sees him for the first time since he left the firm because of their feelings for one another. Is that spark still there? Will he leave his wife for her? Will she ask him to do that?

You just have to tune in to find out what happens on another great episode that makes me so sad that Suits is ending. Why does have to end? Why?


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