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[ # ] Will Buck win his case or lose his friends on 9-1-1?
October 21st, 2019 under Ryan Murphy

Last week on 9-1-1, Buck (Oliver Stark) decided to sue the city, the fire department and Bobby (Peter Krause) to get his job back at LAFD Station 19. While the lawsuit is going on, he cannot talk to any of his friends at the firehouse. Which is something they will be OK with. That is because tonight at 8p on Fox, the depositions begin. His friends will see how far he is willing to go to get his job back including revealing a lot of their secrets. How will they handle his betrayal?

That is just one part of the episode. We want to see the wild and crazy calls they are sent out on. Two best friends go to one of those places where you can destroy things to get out all of your anger. One friend finds out that her BFF has been sleeping with her husband. Probably not a good time to get caught when the wife of the man you are sleeping with is holding a sledgehammer. What will she do to her ex BFF?

The station house goes for a food run. You would think it would be uneventful, but it is not. They just cannot get away from trouble.

Finally, Athena’s (Angela Bassett) ex-husband, Michael (Rockmond Dunbar) takes their kids for a trip. On the way back, they are stopped by two overzealous white cops who threaten to harm him and his daughter (Corinne Massiah). They only leave when he tells them that Athena is his wife. How will she react when she finds out what happened to her family? No one wants to mess with her. She is scary. This is the storyline you do not want to miss.

9-1-1 gives us a little bit of everything. Tonight’s episode really delivers in all departments.


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