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[ # ] Will 13 be lucky or unlucky for American Idol?
January 15th, 2014 under American Idol 9+

Even since American Idol added Kara Dioguardi as a fourth judge and then losing Paula Abdul at the end of that season, the show has not been as good. They have tried different judges and even went with big names last year, which only lead to series lows for the once top-rated singing competition.
So they decided to clean house, but brought back two judges and added a third in the final seconds before auditions started. The first judge they brought back was Jennifer Lopez and she is the reason I stopped watching. The next judge was Keith they brought back was Urban from last year who was ignored because of his co-judges were more much outspoken. The last judge is Harry Connick Jr, who hasn’t been relative since most of the wannabe contestants were born.
So do they help the show get it back to the days of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. After watching the first episode that airs tonight at 8p, I have to say they are not going through to Hollywood for me.
The show is playing it so safe that it is now so boring. The judges are all soft on the contestants, which is a good thing but it also starts to put you to sleep because they are so tame.
The talent is good. Even though they promised it would be about the singers, it is still about the judges. In fact Ryan Seacrest is barely in the episode. So gone are his interactions with the people auditioning and us finding out about their back stories. When we learn about the contestants, we are more willing to support them. Sadly, we just don’t find out enough about them. We just see how the two male judges’ bromance is broken up by Jennifer Lopez who thinks she is the boss of them.
Now when it comes to J-Lo, like I said she is the reason I gave the show, and she is the reason why I will not be watching this season,
So how do I think Idol will do on Fox? I say tonight and tomorrow, the numbers will be good. But in the coming weeks people will tire of the show and series lows will be regular occurrence again.
Can it get back to what it was? I still believe it can. First thing Fox needs to do is get rid of The X Factor. That hurt Idol more than The Voice. They also need to focus more on the contestants and less on the judges. They need to hire judges that are relevant to both the younger and the older audiences. These three don’t fit that requirement. In fact one girl only knows Connick Jr from Friends. The Voice got it right, why can’t Fox? Hopefully for season 14, because there will be one, they change things up again and finally get it back to where it once was.
I want them to find the next Kelly Clarksons, Carrie Underwoods and Chris Daughtrys and not the persons whose name we forget the day after the finale. Can you name last year’s winner? Because I can’t



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