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[ # ] Why you don’t hold the bottle for Shaq during the #BottleCapChallenge
July 8th, 2019 under ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq’s best friend, Anthony Hall, challenged him to do the #BottleCapChallenge. Not only that, Hall even agreed to hold the bottle for the NBA legend. Why he would think that was a good idea, I do not know. He realized very quickly, it was a mistake!

I mean Shaq is over 7′ tall, so his kicking perception is not the same as a normal man’s. Therefore, when he lifted his huge leg (he says) his hip went out, and he clocked his BFF right in the kisser. Imagine having a size 22 shoe in your face? I don’t want to.

Poor Hall is not OK. He says that he had to have jaw wire shut. He wants $300 in compensation. Dude, ask for more. Shaq’s shoes cost more than that. Which thankfully, he was not wearing at the time. That would have been the end of Hall.

When it comes to the body parts of Shaquille O’Neal, you don’t want to hit you the face, his foot is not in the top three. The first would be the mic between his legs, followed by his butt and then his chest. I guess in a way; Hall got off lucky.

For the future, O’Neal needs to do the challenge the Mariah Carey way. He just needs to make sure, he records the video without any audio.


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