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[ # ] Why Ramón Rodríguez celebrates multiple birthdays
April 23rd, 2024 under Ramón Rodríguez

Ramón Rodríguez was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday to talk about Will Trent. However, they wound up talking about his birthdays.

Yes, that is plural. You see, somehow, not everything on the internet is true. For example, if you do a web search for Rodríguez’s birthday, you will find out that it is December 20th on sites like IMDB. However, that is not the day his mom gave birth to him.

The actor told the Jimmy Kimmel that he found out about the mixup when he started receiving gifts on the day that is not his date of birth. He got presents from his family, agents, and Disney. And these are people that should no better.

How does he feel about it? He says bring it on. The more birthdays, the better! And don’t worry about him correcting you because he doesn’t want to ruin people’s enthusiasm!

Therefore, if you want to celebrate his big day in December, March, or September, go ahead. He welcomes it!

So, to Ramón, I say happy birthday!


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