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[ # ] Why did the girl stick her head in a tailpipe?
June 22nd, 2018 under Jimmy Kimmel

Kaitlyn Strom went to a music festival with her boyfriend to see Miranda Lambert and they had a night they will never forget. That is because somethin’ bad happened to the 19-year-old when saw an oversized tailpipe, that was not attached to a little red wagon; and thought she could fit her head in there. She was right. But there was just one problem, what goes in does not always come out.

That is right, her head was stuck in the tailpipe and after 45 minutes, firefighters were able to set her free. And now she is famous in a small town. So famous that Jimmy Kimmel Live had to talk to her and the guy that the truck the tailpipe belongs to in Darwin, Minnesota. Yes, the future Darwin Award Winner is actually in Darwin!

Was Tom Wold mad that she got her head stuck in his tailpipe? Shockingly no. He is not even asking her to reimburse him. Which I would totally do! He is just glad she is OK.

What advice does the teen have for other people who might want to see if their head fits someplace it should not go? She tells them, “Curiosity goes a long way, but just don’t do it.” Good advice because I know when I have been high on sugar and other things or had too much to drink, I have tempted to do things and people I should not do. Thankfully, I stopped myself before I put my head in a tailpipe. That can be a warning parents can give their kids from now on. Have a good night, but don’t get your head stuck in a tailpipe like that girl from Minnesota, dontcha know.


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