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[ # ] Whose better at picking a date on Mom vs Matchmaker?
May 3rd, 2016 under Carmelia Ray

Sick of being single? Sick of the awful people your friends set you up with? Desperate to find that right person. Who do you think is better at finding your soul mate for you, your mother or a Matchmaker? Tonight at 8p, Myx TV asks that very question on Mom vs Matchmaker.
Each week, a single person will talk to Matchmaker Carmelia Ray, who has almost a quarter of a century of experience behind her, and she will try to find them the perfect date. Meanwhile, that person’s mother will talk to several possible suitors, who she could see being a mother-in-law to. That and who she thinks the apple of her eye will want to spend their life with.
Then the mom and the Matchmaker coach their prospective candidates, so that they can be the winning choice.
When the coaching is done, it is time for the dates as the mom and the Matchmaker watch on. After the dates are over, it is time for a decision to be made. That is when we find out who is the better matchmaker.
Tonight’s winner surprised me, but I think it is because the guy was hotter even though his date was colder. What does that mean? You just have to see on this lovable competition show that is unlike any other.
Don’t only tune in to see whose better at fixing up the lonely, they also give tips to help you out on dates. Who doesn’t need that?


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