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[ # ] Whoopi Goldberg dumps the glasses
March 21st, 2023 under The View

We have learned a lot about Whoopi Goldberg’s eyes this year. First, she revealed that she doesn’t have eyebrows because she started shaving them as a kid.

Then yesterday on The View, she announced that she no longer needs glasses because she got a surgery that replaced the lens of her eye with something like an eyeglass lens. And now she can see!

Two weeks ago, Goldberg said she had problem reading the prompter, even with her glasses, so she was able to get this surgery to fix it.

The actress loves it so much that she told the audience, “If you have any issue with your eyes, I don’t know if it works for everybody but I’m telling you I’m sitting here able to read this.” She added, “If you’re having any issues with your eyes, please go get them checked. The bionic times have arrived.”

Would you get it? And what do you think of Whoopi without eyeglasses?


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