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[ # ] Who will Bret Michaels choose on Rock of Love Bus
April 12th, 2009 under Bret Michaels

The time has come for Bret Michaels to choose between Taya, a Penthouse Pet of the Month or Mindy a normal girl on Rock of Love Bus. Does it really matter who he picks because whomever he picks is going to dump him the second the cameras stop rolling. It still cracks me up that he thinks the girls are actually there for him and not just to be on TV. C’mon, can you think of any of the girls who actually wanted him in any of the three seasons? This is 2009 not 1989. But whether they want him or not I love this show and hope VH1 brings it back for a fourth season!
Before then tune into tonight at 9p to VH1 to see who he will choose. I think it will be Taya because she is more his speed.
UPDATE: He picked Taya. Surprise, surprise. What really would be a surprise is if now that she can officially date him, that she actually will. I doubt it, she really seemed like she was using the show to advance her career and not to date Bret Michaels. Do you blame her?


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