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[ # ] Who spoiled that they are related to someone on Claim to Fame?
June 28th, 2023 under ABC, Celeb Oops

Claim to Fame premiered on ABC Monday, and we are left trying to guess which celebrities the new crop of contestants are related to.

We know that Crazy Carly, who was the first one to be eliminated, is the blood relative of Rita Wilson, and her uncle is Tom Hanks. But what about the rest of them?

Thanks to Donny Osmond being a proud pop, he accidentally let us know on June 22nd via Instagram that his son Chris is on the show. Chris Osmond looks just like his dad, so we didn’t really need the post to confirm it. But it still did.

So we now know who his dad is. How long will it take the other contestants to figure it out?

How are you doing when it comes to guessing who they are related to? Obviously, we got Chris down. But who else? I guessed right on Travis and cheated to find out who Bruno is related to. It’s amazing how his grandfather’s DNA is nowhere to be seen in his personality.

Now back to Donny. He was on Masked Singer, so you would think he would know better. But he just wanted to let everyone know that Chris has a new single called Side Effects.

He is a good dad but also a bad one. However, you can’t blame him. He is a really nice guy, and he was just trying to help his son. More dads should do that with their nepo babies. Joking! Chris is making it on his own.


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