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[ # ] Who says rock stars are boring?
July 3rd, 2019 under Rolling Stones

Ronnie Wood has toured the world several times over with The Rolling Stones. He has lived the life of a rock star. Now, that band is touring again, what does he do during his downtime? Sleep with groupies? Snort some of the good stuff? Nope! He does a crossword puzzle that would make even the people, who do the NY Times’ one with a pen, cry.

Impressed? Be doubly so because he got it from Keith Richards. Who knew the Stones were so boring? It kind of ruins the facade.

Next, you are going to tell me all of these rockers have a weekly book club where they read and then discuss the novels on The NY Times Bestselling List. Please, don’t. I want to believe they are all about sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll and not crossword puzzles.


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