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[ # ] Who knew ‘I love you dad’ is so scary?
June 20th, 2017 under Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel likes to ruin holidays for families and the new dad even tortured fathers on Father’s Day. This year challenge had a nice twist. He asked kids to sneak up on their sperm donors and scream at the top of their lungs, “I LOVE YOU!” How did it go? As funny as you would expect. Well for everyone but the pops. Several of them had near heart attacks, some fell into the pool and then there was the one guy who said what he was doing on the toilet!

It is hard to get mad at your offspring when they say those three magic words, but they still did it!

BTW I cannot wait until Jane and Will are old enough to partake in these challenges. I do not get why Katie and Kevin are not doing their dad’s challenges on him. The viewers are begging for it. At least I know I am.


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