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[ # ] Who has the bigger brain: Anthony Anderson or his TV daughter Marsai Martin
February 3rd, 2020 under Anthony Anderson, National Geographic

Tonight at 9p, Anthony Anderson and his black-ish daughter Marsai Martin go head to head, I mean brain to brain, on Nat Geo’s Brain Games. Did you know there are things our brains are better at when we are kids than when we are adults and vice versa? Anderson, who does not like to lose, and Martin, find that out first hand. Only one of them will be victorious. However, it is not their ability that will help them to win. It is their age.

Above, you can watch the first challenge. Children have a faster response time than adults, as you will see when Anderson loses more than just the round. After each challenge, the show’s host Keegan-Michael Key will explain why that is.

There are other challenges on tonight’s episode. We have all heard that kids can learn languages faster than adults, so the show puts that to the test. Both stars learn new words for things they already know, and then are tested to see who soaked up the new information better.

That is a learning thing, but who is better at balancing, hearing, and not being tricked by what you read as compared to what you see? What does that mean? You will have to tune in for Anderson’s craziest moments during the episode.

There is one final round for the two. Who is a bigger risk-takers, the teenager or the man with a Peter Pan complex? Could this be the round that defies science?

On the science note, I enjoy watching the chemistry between Anderson and Martin. She seemed more like the adult of the two, which made me laugh. I am certain it will do the same for you.

Even though, it sounds like I might be knocking Anderson, I adore his youthful personality. It is why he has always stood out to me since Hang Time. Talk about taking it back old school.

Now, that I know some of the things I am better at than a child. I cannot wait to test it out on my 10-year-old niece.

When it comes to the show in general, even though it is in its 8th season, it is new to me. I plan on watching it again. I like learning new things like this. However, since I am older, I might have to watch each episode a few times to really absorb all of that information. You know, since they say the older you get, the harder it is to learn.


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