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[ # ] Which of his characters does Norman Lear most relate to?
March 12th, 2019 under Jeopardy

Norman Lear, TV’s greatest producer, gave questions about his career on Jeopardy and the contestants got stumped on a very easy question.

He wanted to know, “Of all the TV characters I’ve created, the one who most shares my passions and my politics is…” Is it All In the Family’s Archie Bunker or Mike Stivic, Sanford and Son’s Fred Sanford, The Jefferson’s George Jefferson or Mr. Bentley, One Day at a Time’s Ann Romano, Good Times Florida Evans or her son J.J. Evans? All seem logical.

I will continue on with what else he said during that $1,600 clue. He said, “…this woman who lived in Tuckahoe, NY.” All three contestants did not even try to guess. Which makes you wonder, how could they not know Maude? She would have gone ballistic at them for not knowing who she was. You know, it does make sense that his most outspoken character is the one that is most like him.

He gave four other clues on the game show yesterday, see if you can get them right. I only missed one, but in my defense, it was not entertainment related.


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