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[ # ] Which celebrity couple doesn’t believe their baby should wear any type of diapers?
October 4th, 2013 under Jimmy Kimmel

Scandal’s Katie Lowes was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and she had some scandalous information about a past employer she had before she landed the hot ABC show.
Before she was a full time actress she had several different jobs, so the ABC late night host asked her which one was the worst. So she told him, “The worst one of those jobs was definitely was babysitting, even though I love kids, I do. But I babysat for one celebrity, who will remain nameless, who didn’t believe in diapers.” So Kimmel wanted to know what that meant and she said, “There were cloth option diapers, but also the baby would just be going around in his little baby life and wearing one of his little onesies. And if he started to make a face of frustration, what you would have to do is quickly remove the onesie, rush to the toilet, hold the baby over the toilet in between my legs.” Then she added “I would have to make encouraging poop sounds behind his face,” and she did the face she had to make to make him make.
At this point Kimmel had to know who this couple was, but she couldn’t divulge the information because she signed a non-disclosure document. When he asked if the kid has one of those weird Hollywood names, she nodded and said that it is “super weird”. So I am assuming it is Jason Lee’s kid Pilot Inspektor, who do you think it is? I mean who doesn’t believe in diapers? Even Cavemen wore them, so they have been around for like ever.
Lowes did share with us the one family that it isn’t, and it’s Brad Pitt’s Brangelina clan. She told the story about when she was working as a waitress he came in and she served him a martini with extra olives. When he was done, she grabbed the glass and ate a half eaten olive that he left behind. So now she can say her lips came close to his in a weird way.
Believe it or not this was her first talk show appearance, and I think she handled it like a pro! Seriously I am now so in love with her now. Can she be any cuter than she already it? She’s my new favorite and I hope JKL has her on again, so she can dish more horror stories with him. Let’s petition for her to be on the show again every Thursday after Scandal!


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