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[ # ] Where was Jimmy Kimmel’s mind when he said this?
February 27th, 2009 under Jimmy Kimmel

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! he was interviewing Calista Flockhart and when he went introduce a clip from Brothers & Sister’s the word didn’t cum out as it should have. OMG! His reaction to doing a Shepherd Smith was just so adorable! I wanted to pinch his cheeks (on his face)!
Maybe Jimmy Kimmel made the slip up because he was picturing her fiance’ Harrison Ford blowing a kiss at him when they shot the I’m F*cking Ben Affleck video. Or he was picturing the bumper sticker that Indy has on the car that says “Honk if you’re f*cking Ben Affleck.” and he knew if that said that word he would get beeped. Or maybe he was in such shock that she has never seen Star Wars. Or maybe…
So tune in to Kimmel tonight at 12:06a on ABC for a repeat of Sunday’s Oscar special. On Monday he will have on New Kids on the Block and Evangeline Lilly and see what word he will mess up when he is interviewing her!


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