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[ # ] When birds and bugs attack reporters!
May 18th, 2010 under TV News

(starts at 140 in)

John Brown at KTVI in St Louis learned the hard way that doing an easy story about cute cardinals, might be harder than you think because the bird took a bite out of his thumb. While the little guy looked harmless enough, the reporter’s high-pitched screaming was anything but. I don’t think John Brown will live down screaming like a girl like that anytime soon. You know he got a lot of sh!t when he got back to station.
Same way NBC correspondent Mark Potter got a lot sh!t from his Today Show co-workers when he accidentally ate a huge a$$ bug on live TV. Yummy!
BTW back to John Brown for a second, maybe getting bit by a bird was a good thing because I saw that video on at least two network news channels, so maybe screaming like a girl might get him a national job when his contract is up…or at least a big raise? Maybe Mark Potter and him can do a story about the birds and the bees!
Gotta love live television, you never know what is going to happen!


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