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[ # ] What would a husband do if his moobs are bigger than his wife’s boobs
April 14th, 2020 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud had an interesting question for the show’s contestants. Steve Harvey wanted to know, “Name something a man might do if his boobs were bigger than his wife’s?”

I think most of us automatically thought with two men about to buzz in that they would say feel themselves up. We were wrong. Instead, the first guy said, “wear a bra,” and the second one went with “get an operation.” The latter one was the #1 answer. The third person suggested that he would start working out.

What is wrong with these families? Finally, the answer we have been waiting for comes from Rebekah, who tells the host, “It might be more entertaining, so maybe play with them.” The fourth person to guess with an answer that turned out to be fourth on the board. What is wrong with the people that they surveyed. That is the #1 answer if ever there was one.

That was not the only travesty. There were two other answers that they gave, which were not on the board. Those answers are dressing like a woman and getting his wife bigger boobs.

I am so disappointed that the people they asked to answer that question in public failed us. We need to be more perverted because after all this is a family show.



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