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[ # ] What will Ace Young do now that the American Idol tour is over?
September 25th, 2006 under American Idol 1-5

Tonight was a blast!

This was the first show that all the IDOLs watched together backstage since the beginning of the tour…We had so many jokes on stage, you never knew what to expect. It was so much fun being able to share this evening with my parents, my brother Ryan, Elvio, and all my new friends from this AI experience.

I sang happy birthday to my mom during the show…I knew it would be less emotional if I had everyone sing it, but it would mean the world to her if I sang it so that’s what I did…and I had to step away from the mic towards the end when I looked in my parents eyes and saw them overjoyed ;-) … It’s great to see a LIFE reminder so powerful, you know you’re on the right path.

I hung out signing autographs twice before the show and another time after…I had so much fun seeing everyone close up and being able to talk one on one.

After the show, Chris and I hooked up with Taylor’s band LMBO. When we first walked in, the security guards forced us to leave the blocked out area next to the stage because they weren’t comfortable with all the attention…After telling them that everything was fine they let Chris and I come back in, only to sing something on stage. So Chris and I sang "DREAM ON" by Aerosmith. We really wanted to rock out one more time together before our lives became really busy. Being able to share that moment with Chris and all of you that were there meant the world to me! I will remember this night forever… Right after we finished singing, security pulled us right back out of the room. When we were leaving, we weren’t allowed to hangout…I gave as many hugs as they allowed, then said goodbye to my parents (they had to go back to NY to fly home).

All in all, it was a great day! And best of all I got to spend it with some amazing people. You guys ROCK!!! Thank you so much.

My next steps are going to be big ones…and I’ll need your help..I promise that you’ll be the first to know!

SCATTERED should hit the radio and ITunes in 7 to 10 days!!!!!

To the best fans in the world…

much love,


so it begins ;-)

Ace Young via MySpace 

I am so going to buy whatever he puts out because he actually cares about his fans!


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