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[ # ] What the Supernatural Chevy Impala smell like?
April 9th, 2018 under Supernatural

Have you ever wondered what the car from Supernatural smells like inside? Well Stephen Amell took the arrow and revealed the aroma inside the Chevy Impala. The Green Arrow said, “This car smells like 13 seasons worth of farts.” And here I thought it would smell like pine because of one of those hanging air fresheners.

Don’t believe the star of the show that follows Supernatural, then will you believe the guy who follows the Winchester brothers? Misha Collins responded to Amell’s revelation with, “You think it’s bad behind the wheel? It’s even more pungent in the back seat! (I get hazardous-duty pay on ‘burrito day’ & have filed worker’s comp 4 times in 9 years!) @jarpad #AbusiveWorkEnvironment.”

There you have it, not only do Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles smell sulfur when they see something demonic, they also create that smell while they are sitting in their car. According to the show’s angel, it smells demonic.


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