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[ # ] What is the next city to reunite for The Real World Homecoming?
March 31st, 2022 under Paramount+

Paramount+ has had huge success with The Real World Homecoming. The series reunites casts from the previous seasons of The Real World. The first two cities to take part in the sequel were the first two that took part in the original.

Therefore, we thought that New York and Los Angeles would be followed up with San Fransisco. We were wrong. So, if not SF, then London? Nope. Miami? Nope. Boston? Nope. Seattle? Nope. Hawaii? Nope. New Orleans? Yep.

Finally, they got seven of their strangers to get real again. But do we care about their season because I want San Fran? That was their best season because of Pedro Zamora and Puck, as much of an asshole, the latter was. He was their first real villain.

Now, having said that. Even though I didn’t watch David “Tokyo” Broom, Melissa Beck, Jamie Murray, Danny Roberts, Matt Smith, Julie Stoffer, and Kelley Wolf’s first go around, that trailer makes me want to watch the second one when it begins streaming on April 20th.

Can someone catch me up on their original season?


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