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[ # ] What happens when you ask Jason Biggs, “Cake or pie?”
January 17th, 2020 under Jason Biggs

Fox thought it would be cute to ask their newest stars Maggie Lawson and Jason Biggs some this or that questions? Well, the interviewer didn’t realize what a can of worms she opened up when she asked the actors from Outmatched, “Cake or pie?”

Biggs said to the woman, “OK. You know what? Really?” At first, his TV wife could not understand why he got so upset. Then when she did, she tried to answer it like any of those other questions. Her TV husband, on the other hand, responded by asking, “That depends, to f*ck or to eat?”

If only there was a movie that could answer the question for all of us. Hopefully, their show, that debuts on Thursday at 8:30p, is as funny as their response to this question.


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