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[ # ] What did Hello Kitty do to deserve this?
October 9th, 2009 under Lady Gaga

Kitty Hell
Over the years celebrities have taken their love of Hello Kitty and destroyed her poor innocence for their own desires with gaudy jewelry, clothes and such, but none of it was as bad as what Lady Gaga has done. It was hideous enough when she wore Kermit the Frog heads as a dress, but now I want to know what Hello Kitty did do to deserve being turned into that GA dress for her? Seriously Lady Gaga spends most of days wearing barely any clothes and she was does finally cover up she does so by destroying what is all good and wholesome. Please make her stop. Aren’t her 15 minutes up already???
Seriously, that dress stinks as much as a litter box that hasn’t been cleaned out for a week. Poor Hello Kitty.


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