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[ # ] What a whopper of a promposal?
May 9th, 2018 under Fast Food

Several teens have used Burger King and Wendy’s for their promposals, so I guess it gave two of their restaurants an idea. A BK in Boston, asked the Wendy’s next door if she wanted to go to prom with him. What did she say? She said, “Ok, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10.” Who knew she was such a prude? But then again we have all seen what the Burger King looks like and he is pretty scary after 10a.

BTW this story reminds me of two jokes from Truly Tasteless Jokes. Why did the Dairy Queen get pregnant? Because the Burger King forgot to wrap his Whopper. Why didn’t she get pregnant? She was going out with Mister Softee!

UPDATE: Burger King responded to Wendy’s, To see what he said, then

The Burger King does not have a problem with her conditions. He wrote, “.@wendys looking forward to it. let’s aim for king and queen of prom. 🤴👸”


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