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[ # ] Wendy Williams hints she won’t do any more shows from her home
June 11th, 2020 under Wendy Williams

Three weeks ago, it was announced that Wendy Williams was taking a break from filming any new episodes at her home because she was having a flareup of her Graves disease which is a thyroid condition. Something that seemed true at the time because she had taken sick leave for it before on multiple occasions.

However, yesterday she recorded a message, and it sounds like she is not going to do any new episodes until she can do it in front of a live audience. The host said, “Hi, it’s me from home. Hopefully, not for too long.” Then she added, “You know what I am waiting for? Waiting for the state of New York to say that, we as a show, can go back.”

That makes it sound like that is the only way she will do The Wendy Show from now on. Something, I don’t foresee happening any time soon. Especially in New York City, the city hardest hit by the coronavirus in the world.

She is realistic that it will not be done in front of a packed audience of 200 people. If Broadway, that mid-Manhattan desperately needs back financially, doesn’t expect to go back this year, then why does she think they will let her resume? You don’t hear Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Tamron Hall, Kelly Ripa, or Ryan Seacrest complaining. And their shows do better than hers.

But with this virus, anything is possible. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio could say sure, go back to work at your studio. Yeah, right.

Is her decision a surprise? Not at all. She told Dr. Oz at the beginning of the pandemic that she would not do her show virally. Therefore, I was surprised when I saw her doing it from her apartmen

How you doin’ with her taking an extended leave?



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