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[ # ] We won’t be saying Governor Matthew McConaughey anytime soon
November 29th, 2021 under Matthew McConaughey

For months, we have been wondering if Matthew McConaughey was going to run for public office. Yesterday, he finally announced his decision. He will not be running for Governor of Texas this go around.

Instead, he says, “I’m going to continue to work and invest the bounty I have by supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and foundations that I believe are leaders, establishments that I believe are creating pathways for people to succeed in life, organizations that have a mission to serve and build trust while also generating prosperity.”

After listening to him explain why he is not running and what he will be doing instead, I think he would be a great candidate. I wish more politicians analyzed their candidacy as much as he did before they ran for office. I also wish they were more humble instead of full of hubris. And that goes to both Democrats and Republicans.


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