Seriously? OMG! WTF?We will be seeing more of Tom Ellis on Netflix's Lucifer - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] We will be seeing more of Tom Ellis on Netflix’s Lucifer
April 5th, 2019 under Lucifer

Evil Fox cancelled Lucifer, but heavenly Netflix saved it. While that is enough to get us fans all excited, today they gave us even more of a reason to be happy that it switched homes.

We will be seeing the Devil’s tail. Just not the one on the back of his body. If you get what I mean. You don’t? Then watch the above promo for it to be spelled out for you.

The only thing that was missing from this promo, besides Tom Ellis’ clothes, is when season 4 will debut. I don’t know about you, but when it does, I will be binging this devilishly good show, hard. I will be Netflix and chilling all by myself. Not by choice, but that is a whole other story.

If you have not seen all of Lucifer, not that type of all of Lucifer, but as in the PG13 version of the show, then you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix now.


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