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[ # ] We are getting a Goldbergs video game and Bev’s Cookbook
August 27th, 2019 under The Goldbergs

Last season on The Goldbergs, Adam F. Goldberg came up with a videogame and we were introduced to Bev’s cookbook. The sitcom where art imitates life is now having life imitate art.

What does that mean? The real Adam F. Goldberg, is giving up some of his responsibilities on his show and his other one Schooled to spend more time working on his new Disney deal. Yesterday, he revealed all that he is up to on Twitter. He wrote, “I’ve started a company at Disney to turn their epic library of titles into TV shows! It’s a dream come true. As for Goldbergs/Schooled, it still takes up a chunk of my day. I’m even working on a Bev cookbook and a Goldbergs video game!!! It’ll be a busy year!”

How like totally awesome is that? I cannot wait to give all my friends the Bev cookbook. I want to know what is in shrimp parmesan. Soon, we will know.

When it comes to their titles, what shows do you want him to bring back? I want Dinosaurs!!! If he doesn’t bring it back, I am going to tweet his mom to tell her to tell him to do it. I’m the baby, gotta love me. As much as we love Adam F. Goldberg.


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